I’m going to give you access to the most advanced technology on the planet and once you learn to use it,
it will change your life.

What is this technology?
-Is it 3D Printing?
-Is it some new wearable tech?
-Is it a new level in artificial intelligence?

It’s none of these.
It’s a very specific kind of tech.
I’ll give you a hint…
It’s BioTech.

No, it’s not
-a stem cell treatment
-gene therapy
-petroleum products grown from bacteria
-vertically farmed food
-in vitro meat

There’s something far more advanced than all of these technologies.
And it’s closer than you think.

Go to your bathroom.
Look in the mirror.
There it is.
It’s you.
You are the bleeding edge of the technology.

Is that how you feel?
Do you feel like you are the most astonishing solution from 4.6 billion years of evolution
(or the last thing God created)
Do you feel as amazing as you are?
Many of us don’t.

After all, It’s not easy to be a human.
Why? Why is it so hard?
It’s easy to survive.
If you’re hungry, you eat (if you’re fortunate to have access to food).
If you’re thirsty, you drink.
If you’re tired, you rest.

But thriving…oh thriving…
having an amazing, meaningful life is a different story.
Why aren’t more of us successful?
Why aren’t more of us happy?
How can we have access to the most powerful technology on the planet and not use it any better?

We don’t understand the technology.  After all,
We didn’t come with an owner’s manual…or did we?

What if those same mechanisms (that tell us if we’re hungry, that tell us if we’re thirsty, that tell us how we need to move) are telling us how to live?

Your body is desperately trying to communicate with you.
You’re getting its feedback, the biofeed-back from your body,
but you’re not finding the way forward

You’re ignoring the signals:
your emotions, your thoughts,
so you’re not taking the right action.

You’re body is leading you but your mind isn’t following
You’re following this person, this belief system, this idea, but
you’re not following you.

Using your body, feeling better, doing better, and
thinking better is far simpler than you ever imagined.
Haven’t you always known
“It’s got to be simpler than this?”

It will be when you learn about:


Your Mind, The Owner’s Manual
(eBook digitally delivered, 63 pages)

Table of Contents
How to Use This Text
Your mind doesn’t come with an Owner’s Manual. Now it does! When you know how your mind evolved, you can speed up the evolution of your mind.

Read how a BioChemical specialist found out his issues weren’t BioChemical, at all. Is his focal error your error, too?

Author’s Note
Hear the story of how Autism, chronic pain, and a gym conspired to unlock the key to psychological progress.

What Would You Do?
Imagine how good life would be “….if you knew you could always improve.”

The more complex the technology, the easier it is to use…and you are the most complex tech of all time.

What is Psych?
Changing the terms you live start with defining your terms. Learn the ABCs of Psychology.

What is BioPsych?
In order to understand Psychology, you have to understand that Psychology doesn’t apply to just humans, it’s not “anthro,” it’s Bio!

Functional Unit
From Sensation and Motion emerged a new order, a new functional unit, that your mind is built upon.

Emotions, Consciousness, & Thinking
First emotions, then consciousness, then thinking…our BioPsyches have evolved quite a bit, but the essence of “sensorimotion” remains.

Feeling, Doing, & Thinking
The conscious experience of feeling, doing, and thinking is a game changer. Can you change it into a game you can win?

Defining DysFunction
Simpler definitions of disease, disorder, and dysfunction lead to far easier solutions.

Errors of Consciousness and Thinking
With all our perceptual and cognitive errors and biases…how is it we can still make progress?

Emotional Biases
Key into these emotions to take you away from regression and these emotions to take you towards progression.

Limits of Behavior
To our right, to our left, over and under, forward and back, inside and out, there are limits to what we can do…do you know what is holding you back?

Evolution & Conditioning
Discover how to make the one major difference between evolution and conditioning work for and not against you.

Repression, Dissociation, & SMA
Evolution and conditioning don’t just put things together, they can take things apart…what’s the key to putting back together what life has torn asunder?

Connectivity / Contiguity
Change one thing and you change everything…that’s the problem…but it’s also the solution.

The Tao/How of Better
How can thinking, feeling, and doing affect each other for the better? Don’t fall down the downward spiral…go up the upward spiral!

Sensory Solution or Motor Solution?
Is the secret to being happy…seeking happiness? Is sensory seeking a dead end?

Revising DysFunctional Definitions
The sensorimotor relationship unlocks the key to redefining mental dysfunction AND solving it!

The Catch
There’s a solution but there’s also a catch…there’s always a catch. If you don’t know it, dysfunction will always catch you.

Three Scopes of the Body
You don’t have to get stuck in a mood. These lenses to look at the body give you three different directions to feel better in the moment.

Renaming Better & Worse
Science reminds us about what better and worse actually is…and how it’s always one or the other.

States, Skills, and Stories
Much has been made of these metaphor: If we want to feel better, what is our first priority?

The Present Protocol
There are six ways out of worse…3 of which you probably don’t think of…or even do.
Feeling Worse to Feel Better?
Why is sometimes the only way out of feeling worse is through it? Save yourself some suffering by knowing when you can go around the pain…and when you have to go through the pain.

Can You Feel?
Everyone wants to feel better…but how can you know what to do to feel better when you don’t know how you feel?

The Two Actions
There are two basic actions, and only two that we can do at any moment. Learn the binary relationship betwixt these two.

The Past
Time Travel is a reality. Go back to your past to make it better…and you feel better now!

The Past Protocol
Those who remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Learn to revise your past instead.

The Future Protocol
Do more to set your future in stone. Point your mind in the right directions, learn which buttons to push and dials to turn to tune into your best future.

The Basis
This is the summary of what we’ve covered so far…this is the basis for what’s coming next…The Interface

The Interface (Your Checklist)
Here is it. The 12 questions you ask yourself to build the life you want…one moment at a time.

Words matter! These 12 questions all start with two very important words that will change how you solve problems…meaning it will allow you to solve them!

It’s not about To Dos or Must Dos…it’s about living with this question.

The only way to move forward is to go both up and down…so what do you do when you’re at the bottom?



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If you don’t have the life you want.  If you don’t feel how you want to feel, do what you know you could do, or think as well as you could think, then maybe you need to take a look at  your “owner’s manual.”

You can get your copy of
Your Mind, The Owner’s Manual for only



Who knew “The Owner’s Manual” was so inexpensive?

Towards Better!

PS (When I taught my first Psychology course, I was disheartened to learn how many smart people had never read a book on Psychology. I vowed then that I would write something to try and remedy this situation. This text is short and it’s for smart people but more importantly, it’s for the doers…not just the thinkers. If you’re a smart doer, once you read The Owner’s Manual, you’re going to be an even smarter doer…that feels a lot better. Can’t wait to hear about your results!)