You Are Not What You Eat

I am so much more than that

Food pictures abound on social media. I’ve posted them. I’ve posted them a lot.  I’ve even posted them very recently. But I don’t want to do it anymore. In fact, I don’t think I’ll be doing it anymore. What I eat is not who I am.

“You are what you eat.” I call BS! What did Mother Theresa eat? What did Martin Luther King Jr eat? What did Jesus eat? I cannot imagine anyone that was ever helped or inspired by any of these individuals would have ever refused their help based on their diet.

I do not believe that I am only what I eat. I know I am so much more than that. My wife and kids don’t define me by what I eat. They define me by who I am and what I can do. To them, I am a helper, a hugger, a teacher, a comfort, and a support. And they want me to eat anything that is going to allow me to do all of those things better.

Does your food help you feel better? Does your food help you do better? If not, eat something else. Eat anything else that helps you be a better person. Does your food help you be a better father, mother, brother, sister, relative, coworker, neighbor, friend, or fellow human being? If so, wonderful! Bon Appetit!

I am solely interested in eating so that I can feel better and do better. What I eat never has and never will make me better, or worse, than anyone else. What I eat doesn’t make me better THAN others. What I eat makes me better FOR others.

I really have zero interest in eating anything based on what others think about it, and I am no longer going to display my food as though I do. I am not going to post food pictures anymore because whether you like it, love it, want to comment on it, or hate it, really is of no consequence to you. What matters is my physiological response to my food, not anyone else’s social response. #mybodymydiet

If you’re too worried about what everyone is eating, you’re going to miss what everyone is capable of doing. Instead of posting pictures of what I am about to eat, maybe I’ll post pictures, videos, and updates of all that I can do since I’ve eaten.

What can you do since you’ve eaten? What can you do better, now? What can you do that makes you more “you?” How are you doin’ better now? #doinbetternow

“Eat better?” No. You are so much more than just what you eat. Eat to do better. You are also what you do not just what you eat.

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