This Is The Work, Do The Work

“This is the work. Do the work.”

If one looks at “the work” through the lens of BioMechanics,
the work is the rehabilitation of ranges of motion lost from neglect and specialization in life.

If one looks at “the work” through the nutritional lens of BioChemistry,
the work is the acquisition and restoration of the function of utilizing micro and macronutrients in as many different ways as possible.

If one looks at “the work” through the lens of BioPsychology, the work is the recovery and development of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that increase our ability to survive and thrive.

Knowing is half the battle.  Doing “the work” is contingent upon being able to see where and what work can be done. To focus on “the work” through any one lens is to not see “the work.” This biases blinds us and sends us on a downward spiral of hypofunction and dysfunction.

And we’re all hypofunctional, dysfunctional, and blind. The answer that leads us towards function, towards being able to sense and act on our deficits…is a question:
“Can I do…?”

-Can I do something BioMechanically?
-Can I do something BioChemically?
-Can I do something BioPsychologically?

“Can I do?” is “the work.”

Knowing is half the battle,
doing is the other half.

“This is the work. Do the work.”

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