Gain more muscle, lose more fat with less effort, less discipline, and less pain than ever before…

There’s a big problem in fitness. Most people who exercise quit because of lack of results, or worse get hurt as a result. Those of us who continue end up trying program after program, and we try harder and harder.

Why isn’t it working?

It’s pretty simple, actually.
We’re following the wrong programs
that don’t yield the results we want.
When we follow these programs
we try harder, so hard
that we get the result of injury and pain.

What’s the solution? What’s the right program?
What’s the right program that will result
in more muscle, less fat and less effort?

The answer lies within you.
Yeah, I know how it sounds.
It sounds woo-woo, or mythic, or science fiction.
It’s not fiction, it’s fact.
It’s science.
It’s the science of your body.
It’s the science of BioFeedback.







When you think of BioFeedback, you may think of being hooked up to machine trying to affect something on a screen, but BioFeedback is inside of you.

BioFeedback is the biological machinery that drives you, that guides you towards things that would make you better and away from things that would make you worse.

You’ve always had it but every time you’ve followed the experts, you’ve gotten worse at following your compass, following your BioFeedback.  But once you (re)learn to work with your body, instead of against it…

Then you can finally put on the muscle,
lose the fat and avoid the injuries. Introducing…

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The BioFeedback Solution (eBook, 123 pp)
Table of Contents

BioFeedback’s Strongest Man gets the opening word (He won’t give you the answer but will ask you questions).

Author’s Note
Is this famous quote from the preeminent exercise scientist correct or was there a 2008 discovery which changed everything?

Before the Foreword
After hundreds of pages written on the subject, why is this book being written? My personal reason for writing.

This popular Einstein Quote informs the purpose of this text: to provide the most comprehensive, yet simplest treatment of the Theory and Practice of BioFeedback.

Our Philosophy
What is the philosophy behind our science?  The limits of empiricism and the role of anecdotal experience…

What is BioFeedback?
What we think of Biofeedback isn’t what it really is.  Words matter, but Definitions matter more.  Redefining Biofeedback reveals an entirely different practice than ever before.

How is BioFeedback Used?
How the Health & Wellness community has used technology based BioFeedback has differed drastically how the sports Strength & Conditioning world has.  Learn the 8 Biometrics that sports and exercise scientists have used in a Green Light / Red Light Protocol.

Why Does BioFeedback Work?
What is the big deal about proprioception anyway?  Learn these two specific mechanoreceptors which are likely the mechanisms behind BioFeedback.  Learn the science behind the Nervous System putting on the brakes…and taking them off.  Movement changes you in two major ways…and it very important to know both.

What BioFeedback/Biometrics Can be Used?
Range of Motion (ROM) isn’t the only quantity of movement that can be used as a BIoFeedback measure.  Learn these 6 other Movement Quantities that can be used as Biometrics, as well.

Why Range Of Motion?
With all the Biometric options, why do we use Range of Motion?  Why is flexibility the king of BioMetrics?

Common ROM Tests
Here are the top four ROM tests used by both the veterans and rookies to BioFeedback.  Use these tests to guide you from plateaus to perpetual progress.

Anatomical Ranges of Motion
When you incorporate these 50+ ROM in the gym, progress is assured.

How To Test using ROM?
Not all ROM are good to use for a test.  Here are the 3 critical characteristics of a useful testing ROM.

ROM Alternatives
For some, ROM testing doesn’t work.  Here is the #1 ROM alternative we recommend for BioFeedback testing.

How do we use BioFeedback?
What do we test in our workouts?  Well, everything…but don’t let that intimidate you.  You can test everything…one thing at a time.

BioFeedback Practice
There are two major ways to structure a workout:
the long way and the short way.  Do the one that works best for you.  After all, that’s what BioFeedback Based Training is all about.

BioFeedback for Non Gym Exercise
BioFeedback isn’t just for the gym.  We’ve broken down gym movements into parts to test.  Here are 2 examples of how to think smaller about exercise that aren’t classical gym exercises…after all, we’re not all gym rats.

Contrasting Practices
What is the big difference between us and scientists of yesteryear?  What we’re using the tests for…what we’re testing…and of course – the results.

Exercise Modifications
The key to success in anything lies in how it suits you.  Learn how the 2 major divisions of movement modification so that you can make exercises specifically for you.

Types of Personal Records
When you are testing exercises correctly, Personal Records happen effortlessly.  Learn the major types of Personal Records so you can know when you’ve done more than before.

Recording Workouts
Recording Workouts isn’t rocket science but I’m surprised how few of us actually record these Five Critical Elements that are crucial for achieving perpetual progress.

Exercise Encyclopedia
This encyclopedia includes over 200 exercise variations which will release you from the exercise straightjacket.

We’ve all started exercise programs that have either delivered no results or we haven’t been able to perform. Learn the Four Levels of Specificity that will make sure you have doable workouts that deliver results

Programming Physique Goals
Whether you are trying to gain muscle or lose fat, reverse engineering the physique you want uncovers which exercises to test first.

Is there any current science which supports this idea of BioFeedback Based Training?  Yes!  Look at these studies which support the results we’ve seen firsthand!

Origin Story
Where did this come from?  Every superhero has an origin story…and so does this practice.  In the search for relief from chronic pain came the path to perpetual progress.  This is as close to superman as it comes…without the need for a secret identity.

BioFeedback doesn’t give you’ve something you’ve never had.  It restores something that everyone told you was wrong.  You can “listen” to the wisdom of your body.  Restore your intuition so you can further inform it!

Amor Fati – What does loving your fate have to do with the practice of BIoFeedback?  Everything!  Learn how to better be yourself.

Next Steps
Are you a professional trainer and want to learn more?  Excellent!  Here is your next step: BioMechanics Level 1:  Physique Transformation and Primary Principles.

From now until October 31st, at Midnight,

You can pick up The BioFeedback Solution for only…




You’ve tried following others. You’ve tried harder.

Stop fighting yourself and start following yourself.
Try you…try easier…with The BioFeedback Solution.

Towards Better!
Frankie Faires (fF)

PS (One of our mantras in The Movement is, “Follow anything other than your body and you’ll break your body.” But if you follow your body, you can build it into something it has never been before…Don’t you want to see how good you could be? You can with THE BIOFEEDBACK SOLUTION)