The E-Meter

I’ve been superficially exposed to a lot of different schools of thoughts.
One of those was Scientology.

Don’t click away.
I’m not a Scientologist.
Nor am I going to try to convince you to be one.

I just want to talk
in a very generic way
about one of their ideas.

I’m going to be imprecise in my terms
which would drive them crazy,
so please forgive me Scientologists.
I am not your enemy.
Please don’t make me your target.

There is an idea in Scientology / Dianetics.
This idea of being emotionally “Clear.”
(That isn’t all “Clear” is to them, btw)

Think of the popular psychology parlance of:
being “triggered”
being emotionally (hyper)reactive

Reactivity is something that Scientology/Dianetics Auditors help measure with the E-Meter.

I would like to be clear of being emotionally triggered or hyperreactive to things…
This doesn’t mean indifferent, unaffected or inactive.
This refers more to being emotionally regulated.

What is the optimal level of emotion-ality?
The minimal effective amount to act appropriately.

If you are acting appropriately
and still find yourself to be hyper-emotional,
then consider your problem is not one of action
but rather one of attention.

If what you are attending to isn’t something you can act differently/better on,
then think of it as a signal to think differently,
to focus your attention differently.

What you are focusing on isn’t making you feel better.
What can you focus on that WILL make you feel better?
You can do it…even without an Auditor or an E-Meter.

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