Tech Beyond the Tech

I have ran this idea past some really smart people…
but no one has made it happen, yet.
So I’m just gonna put it out there.

In doing so,
I understand I’m drastically lowering
my odds of profiting from it
but I’m more interested in
the personal benefit of this technology.

What is this tech?
What does it do?

It measures everything.
It inter-relates everything.
That’s it.
It is an external brain.
Should be easy enough to program, right?

We use biofeedback based programming
in the gym
and outside of it.

Each day, we search for areas of life
where we can do more than before.

What kinds of more?
In the gym, it is somewhat easily measured.
Intensity, Density and Volume.

Progress can be determined fairly simply
with minimal math.
I just use my NOTES app on my iPhone.

Outside of the gym,
the metrics are somewhat more ephemeral
but some are accessible
including efficiency and output.

How does one measure that?
Not so sure.

That’s where someone else comes in.

Here is what I can tell you.
In complex systems, order emerges
where things become more predictable.

It seems that progress in one area
potentiates progress in another area(s).

If we had software that could measure everything,
and inter-relate everything,
the end user would spend less time searching
for the next thing to make progress in
because the software will have
already recognized the pattern.

Think of how much time you have spent just looking in the fridge
having no clue what you’re going to eat?
All that time.
It adds up….
and is gone forever.

Time is the most valuable of all resources:
simply because it is non-renewable.

Time is of the utmost importance to me.
I want better time.
I want more of it.

Some would say
time cannot be earned, it can only be spent.
My experience with perpetual progress
has led me to believe
that time can be acquired,
life can be expanded, as well.

I imagine a technology
that can help me better find what is good for me,
saving me time in the present
and earning me time in the future.
I know it’s science fiction now
but I hope it becomes science factual.

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