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BioFeedback Fat Loss (eBook 52 pp.) How can you lose fat with BioFeedback?  Safe and sustainably.  This is the only fat loss program that doesn’t have an expiration date!




The BioFeedback Solution  (eBook 123 pp, over 200 photos) This is the Bible of BioFeedback Based Training.  Find out what it is, why it works, and how to do it.  It’s the last book on fitness you’ll ever need to buy.






Your Mind, The Owner’s Manual (eBook 63 pp)  What’s keeping you from reaching your potential?  You are…your mind is.  But now your mind comes with an owner’s manual…Time to read it!








The Body Elastic (eBook 51 pp.)  There is one thing more important than strength, speed, endurance – elasticity: the physical fountain of youth!




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My Body, My Diet (eBook 36 pp) Every body is different, including your body.  The only diet that won’t fail you is the one specifically tailored for you and by you.







The Pain Prescription (eBook 84 pp) It’s unavoidable: you’re going to get into pain.  But you don’t have to stay in pain.  But pain doesn’t have to be a life sentence.  Learn what pain really is and what you can do to escape it!



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Gym Movement (Digitally Delivered Video and eGuide) Gym Movement provides over 4 hours of video demonstrating how to make measurable progress every single time you go to gym…and more progress equals more results.  Gym Movement: It’s exercise, only better.






Beginning BioFeedback (eBook 33 pp.) How can you apply BioFeedback to all aspects of your life?  Like this!








Evolution, A New Testament (eBook 59 pp.) Evolution isn’t just what made you, living an evolved live is the only thing that can make you happy?  Are you evolved?


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Gym Movement Advanced Assessments (Digitally Delivered Video and Audio Program)  With over 5 hours of material, GMAA (Gym Movement Advanced Assessments) is the next step for the
advanced practitioner of BioFeedback Based Training.  Better gets even better.