seasons1_tcm424-25832This year has ending. A new one has begun. Do these ritualized milestones mean anything to you?

What are you ending this year? What are you starting the next? What will continue?

What have you learned this past year? What is still a mystery? What does 2018 hold in store for you?

I understand that our calendar year is somewhat contrived. Nevertheless, it holds a power over me. And it’s not just me, it holds our collective attention. And where other people focus affects my focus.

And so I turn my mind to the past year…and the next year. What do I want to change? What do I want to remain the same?

Did I head in the right direction? Am I going the right way now? How has the past year going to affect my next year?

This past year was one of the most challenging of my adult life. So many things that could go wrong…did go wrong. Want a partial list?

I moved-twice. Made less money than ever before. I lost an important adult friendship.

I developed a new pain issue so I wasn’t able to practice BJJ. Since I wasn’t able to practice BJJ, I lost my adult social outlet. And then finally, my Father died.

Many of the “downs” I experienced in 2017 were beyond my control. It was just part and parcel of being alive. Which leads me to the ever present question in my life: what can I do?

What can I do about my living situation? Money? Friendships?

What can I do about my pain? My Martial Art? My loss?

For every season, no matter the season, there is a question. That question is the same question: what can I do? And no matter whether I’m in the midst of a low point or high point, I ask that same question.

As the new year approaches and I think what I want to different this year, I’m asking that question. And the answer to that question tells me my first action. And if I can’t perform that action, I ask the question again. I keep asking until I find something I can do.

The basis of what is taught in The Movement is the relationship between sensation and motion…between every feeling and action. For every feeling, there is an action. For every seasonal problem, there is a question and there is an answer.

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