Every diet will eventually fail,
Every diet but one…

Paleo will fail. Slow Carb will fail. Bulletproof will fail. Intermittent Fasting will fail. Calorie Counting will fail. A 10 Day Detox will fail. The Mediterranean Diet will fail. IIFYM will fail. Weight Watchers will fail. Just Eat Real Food will fail. The Ornish Diet will fail. Eat for Heat will fail. The Zone will fail. Everything in Moderation will fail. All diets will eventually fail.

Not only do diets fail,
they accomplish the exact opposite of what they are intended for…
“Dieting (restrained, intentionally restrictive eating) is statistically the single best predictor of future weight gain.”

Trying to eat less leads actually leads to weighing more????
But all diets are based on avoiding, eliminating and excluding!!!

All diets are based on:
-Don’t eat this.
-Don’t eat that.
-Don’t eat this way.
-Don’t eat that way.
-Don’t eat this often.
-Don’t eat that amount.
-Don’t eat.

All diets are based on don’t.
and “don’t” has a cost far greater than weight gain.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states, “…Age-adjusted risk of mortality was inversely related to Dietary Diversity Score in men and women…Diets that omitted several food groups were associated with an increased risk of mortality.”

The stakes you are playing with are far greater than portions size and clothes size,
when you play the game of dieting, you are playing with your life.

So what’s the solution?
Is the solution to just eat anything and everything?
If only it were that easy…

I’m sure you’ve tried that at some point
after a failed round of dieting…
and had bad results with that, too.

The solution isn’t to restrict a food because someone says it’s bad.
The solution isn’t to include foods because someone says it’s good.
The solution is to find out what foods are good for you
to find out what’s the best diet for YOUR body…
and how do you do that?
You discover your diet with your body.

No longer will you say, “I eat Paleo.”
Or, “I count points.”
Or, “I’m following a low carb diet.”

From now on, you’ll be saying, “I’m following…

MBMDthinpaperback copyMy Body, My Diet
(ebook digitally delivered, 36 pages)

I know why you read and follow diets and why you are in need of yet another one. That’s precisely how this book (and this program) was designed: to be the best and last diet you will ever need.

Chapter 1
The diet industry includes over 100 million people (in the U.S.) spending over 60 billion dollars a year. The results of this culture will change your mind about dieting… forever!

Chapter 2
When you know why your body seeks food and what your body does with that food, you will begin to unlock the potential to perpetually eat for a better (looking) body.

Chapter 3
Life’s stress alters your nutritional requirements. Learn to adapt your diet (in real time) to meet your biochemical needs.

Chapter 4
Start (and end) each and every time you eat with one question. When you know what to ask, you will forever change the way you eat.

Chapter 5
Easily assess the current capacities of your body’s digestive system so that you can know more about exactly what you can and cannot eat.

Chapter 6
Statistically speaking, there is one way of eating that is more associated with longevity and health than any other…and it’s diametrically opposed to dieting!

Chapter 7
A scientific primer on the sense of taste will radically change the way you approach your food cravings.

Chapter 8
Know what really gets you into trouble with your eating…and discover the food and nutrition expert that you can always trust more than anyone or anything else.

Chapter 9
Introducing your individualized eating template so that you can better keep up with your body’s changing needs of when, what and how much to eat

Chapter 10
The six-step protocol for using your individualized eating template to ensure eating better for a better body

Chapter 11
A very important troubleshooting guide for your personalized diet and the future of your unique dietary strategy

Chapter 12
A concise summary of My Body, My Diet to remind you of just how easy personalizing your diet can and will (and should) always be

Chapter 13
The one dietary mistake that held me back for almost 20 years (that you will not make)

Bonus Chapter 14
Just when you think you’ve realized the full potential of My Body, My Diet, you will begin to the see the trail of breadcrumbs leading to the next level of personalization for eating and developing an even better (looking) body

Read what others are saying about My Body, My Diet

I’ve had a long history of problems with body image and my relationship with food so I, of course, ended up in the health and fitness industry. Unfortunately and predictably, the health and fitness industry made my problems worse. No matter how clean I ate or how lean I got, it was never enough…I was never enough. And not being enough felt horrible. This process, that Craig so elegantly describes in My Body, My Diet, has been transformative for me. How I eat and consequently how I feel about food (and myself) has been forever changed. The feeling of having enough to eat and feeling that I am enough has been replaced with having the right thing to eat (for me) and doing the right things (for me). Besides feeling better, no longer is my bodyweight and bodyfat stuck…it is now easier for me to be leaner when it is good for me to be more active and eat less food. This is how I wish I would have taught to eat…and exactly how I am teaching my (very healthy) children to eat. And when you know how to eat…eating isn’t that big of a deal anymore. Thanks, Craig!
–Frankie Faires
Co-founder of The Movement
Author of: The BioFeedback Solution, Your Mind…The Owner’s Manual, and The Progress (Re)Solution

My Body, My Diet has changed my entire perspective of food and revolutionized my relationship with food and eating. I used to be a very judgmental food snob. I was always on a diet and now I realize I was always miserable. With My Body, My Diet, I am the ultimate decision maker about what I eat, and I absolutely love that. It’s the freedom with food that I’ve always wanted. It’s more than what should I eat, it’s how is my body…and what will better my body? Now, I am just somebody that enjoys food. It’s never been this easy to keep weight off. It’s so easy that this is the first time in my life I’ve had a six pack (and I’m a 34 yo mother of two)!

When I found out I was pregnant all I wanted was to have a happy healthy baby and get back to my pre-baby weight. I was able to do that with My Body, My Diet. Not only did I get to eat what I wanted but I gained the knowledge that made my body healthy and happy! Check out My Body, My Diet! 

I no longer think of bad foods or forbidden foods. I listen to my body. If I am hungry for something there’s always a reason for it. When I eat what I am hungry for it allows me to move on, and not obsess over food. Following my body and quenching my craving allows me to eat just enough and move on… I am happier, and feel better.

Listening to my body, eating what my body asks for takes the guilt away and makes me feel better… It definitely gives me hope for the future.

       My Body, My Diet is incredible. Best book on diet I have read. Great work!

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Let’s say you and I ate the exact same thing for a year, would you and I look the same? Feel the same? Have the same level of health? Of course not!

And yet, that’s what all diets promise. But eating what someone else eats won’t give you their results. You have to find your own way to looking better, your own way to feeling better, your own way to better health…You have to find your own way.

Find your way in MY BODY, MY DIET!

Towards better,
Craig Keaton