Hi, My name is Frankie.

The question is,
“Are you the movement?”

Well, you’re probably wondering,
“What is the movement?”

THE MOVEMENT is a collection of people who study and practice the science of better.  We do all kinds of things.  We lift kettlebells, clubs, barbells, dumbbells, cables and bands.  We do bodyweight exercises.  We do gymnastics.  We do feats of strength.  We do combatives.  We do Martial Arts.  We do all things fitness.

We do nutrition.
We do emotions.
We do thinking.
We do beliefs.
We do life.
We do better.

The MOVEMENT was something I conceived when Marty Lotspeich and I were composing the first version of this treatise called THE MOVEMENT MANIFESTO.  “We need a movement, a new movement, about movement.”

Craig Keaton made this a local reality by opening up the first of THE MOVEMENT studios in Dallas, TX.

Adam T Glass took the message online and became the most prominent of messengers of THE MOVEMENT. When he did, our little tribe became a little bigger.

Many other tribes build their tribes around a particular tool, particular exercises or a particular sport.  Not so in The MOVEMENT. What connects us is not what we do.  What connects us is how we do it.

The reason why we don’t follow a particular tool, sets of exercises or a set of movements is that: we are all different. Different people need different things.  Some people need to lift heavy things, some don’t.  Some people need to be vegan, some don’t.  Some people need to be religious, some don’t.  Every person needs something different.  Everyone needs to find their own path.

We find out what we need through following our body’s information – our biofeedback.  Sure, plenty of people use biofeedback…but we do it better.  We have discovered a way to progress – perpetually.  We do it so much better that we can PR, or establish a new best, daily. We move forward…in whatever direction we can.

I developed this particular protocol of biofeedback.  While looking for a way out of chronic pain, I found a way to perpetually progress.  Being a gym trainer, I applied this protocol to the weight room and called it The (GYM) MOVEMENT PROTOCOL.

We test our exercises
We test our implements
We test our loads
We test our reps
We test our rest periods
We test our sets
We test ourselves
We test everything.

The fitness industry has found itself in a dark age.  It is filled with broken people teaching their broken beliefs and breaking other people.  They are gurus.

The gurus want to lead you.  They believe only they are qualified to lead you.  We know only you are qualified to lead you.

The gurus believe and teach that in order to be better you must use effort.  You must try, toil, you must labor, you must sweat, you must bleed.  We have found that getting worse or getting better doesn’t have to be about trying at all.

In fact, trying to be better only slows down the process.  Better is your birthright; better is your biological destiny.  You need only get out of your own way.

The gurus want you to fit your body into what they believe is better.  They have the answer and you are not allowed to question.  We want you to question everything.  Question the gurus, question yourself and most importantly – question us.  We know the only way to have an answer for anything is to question everything.  Find your answer.

We know that if you follow anything other than your body, you will break your body.  Your were not meant to break your body.  To fulfill your destiny, you need only break those broken belief systems so that they cannot break you.  Rebuild those beliefs…but this time base your beliefs on results.  Results first, beliefs second.

We will help you.  We will not lead you.  THE MOVEMENT has no universal leader.  How can it?  That is the antithesis of following one’s biology.  Utilizing biofeedback is about learning to lead yourself.

Are you ready to break those beliefs that have been breaking you?
Are you ready to rebuild yourself but this time better?
Are you ready to become a scientist?
Are you ready to lead yourself?

My name is Frankie.
I lead me.
I am The Movement.

What is your name?
Will you lead you?
Are you The Movement?
Are you?

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