Gym Movement

You go to the gym for one reason…
To get better.

For you, that may mean looking better, playing better, and certainly feeling better.
And how do you look better, feel better, and get better at the gym?
By doing more.

When you do more, you get in better shape: You lose more fat and you gain more muscle…
And therein lies the problem.

It doesn’t matter what system you do:

  • Some INSANE home dvd course
  • Jogging in CIRCLES
  • MONOTONOUS cardio classes
  • ENDLESS amounts of bell swinging
  • FAKE Elite Fitness

You can’t always do more.

None of the other fitness systems can guarantee you’ll get better from one day to the next because everybody knows:
You can’t set a Personal Record Everyday.

Bullshit.  Yes, you can.
You can get better EVERY time.
You can do more EVERY time
You can have a Personal Record EVERYDAY!

Every workout system wants you to do more everyday but no system can guarantee you can do more until now…with Gym Movement.  The first and only training system that can give you a PR Everyday!




My name is Adam Glass. I do something very few people on the planet do: I PR everyday. I’ve been strong for a long time but I didn’t GET BETTER EVERY DAY I trained until I applied Gym Movement.



2010 fat loss pic

Since then, I’ve lost over 35 lb. of fat and put on over 5 lb. of muscle (bodybuilders will kill to put that much muscle on) and set over a dozen world records!



adam anvil

But you don’t have be a world record holding, grizzly bearded, tattooed, harder than nails (I bend things far harder than nails) combat veteran to lose fat, gain muscle or set your own records…everyday!


I am rare…but I’m not the only one. Take a look at some of the other people who PR everyday!





Jon C-page-0


Now what does that have to do with you? Nothing. Not a goddamn thing. But it can….if you want it to.  Introducing: Gym Movement!


Lesson 1
Video Set 1: Effort Concepts…Less is More

What’s the number one reason you aren’t getting better everyday?
What if the secret to doing more was trying less?
And what if trying less lead to doing more?
Also covered:
What is a physiological explanation of effort?
What is the relationship between effort and failure?
What is the logical conclusion of effort?
Video Set 2: Effort Application
The only two things you have to pay attention to to avoid effort
so that you may set volume and density PRs.

Lesson 2: BioFeedback
Video Set 3: BioFeedback Concepts…Tapping into your innate Selective Mechanisms
What is this idea of Biofeedback…I thought that had more to do with technology than biology?
Is there a physiological basis for BioFeedback Testing?
Is there a is the logical basis for BioFeedback Testing?

Video Set 4: ROM Testing…The simplest…but not the only BioMetric (Movement Quantity) Selector
The 3 ROM tests that work for 95% of the populace
The two criteria for selecting your particular ROM test
(and what you can do if those don’t work for you)

Lesson 3: The Movement Protocol, Part 1
Video Set 5: First Tests First
Testing Your Test…How to know if you can trust your test
(The one test almost no one does that ensures correct BioFeedback interpretation)
Testing Your Baseline (Learn the two ways to mark your progress to ensure that each subsequent test is accurate)
Video Set 6: Testing Your Exercise
If you don’t select the right exercise…exercise could make you worse…and if you do select correctly, can make you far, far better. (After eliminating effort, exercise selection is the next step in achieving perpetual progress)

Lesson 4: The Movement Protocol, Part 2
Video Set 7: Symmetry, ROM, and other Movement Modification
Why perfect exercise form will slow your progress and potentially hurt you and what you can do about it
Video Set 8: Movement Modifications in Action:
The Top Six Movement Modifications you aren’t Doing
For veteran lifters, this is the most important of all lessons.
Learn how you can modify your lifts so that you can train your favorite lifts more often and avoid the nagging pains that prevent you from doing so.

Lesson 5: The Movement Protocol, Part 3:
Video Set 9:
Testing your Implement…so you can know whether to load up the barbell or start moving a Kettlebell
Testing your Load…the simple way to know when you should increase or decrease the weight

Video Set 10: Stopping Your Sets
You don’t need a program to tell you how many reps to do. This one metric assures you get the right number of reps EVERY set.
Beginning Your Next Set…Rest periods aren’t a mystery and aren’t determined by watching a stopwatch. Learn how to listen to your body and save precious time in your workout.

Terminating Your Exercises…How many sets do you do before you retire an exercise for the day: 3, 5, 10? Your body already and always knows. Perform this simple test to find out when your body has had enough
Terminating Your Workout: How long is a good workout? 30 minutes? An hour? An hour and a half? It varies. Use this simple test to know when to throw in the towel…and when to dig deeper

Lesson 6: Using Your Workout Log
Video Set 11: Tracking
The 5 things, that if you’ll measure, will help you get better…even faster…and the three types of PRs
Video Set 12: Workout Examples
See two of the longest running practitioners use their logs before, during and after their workouts…

Lesson 7: Conditioning
Video Set 13: Conditioning in Concept
Are the rules for conditioning any different than the rules for strengthening?
What if training to fatigue is not only making us tired…but making it easier to get tired?
If we don’t train to fatigue…what do we train to?

Video Set 14: Conditioning in Practice
Watch two examples of conditioning
 endurance via weights (or how crossfit should be programmed)
Endurance via sport (something I guarantee your coaches never did with you!)

Lesson 8: Programming
Video Set 15: The Specificity Spectrum
Everyone needs a program, a different program…How to personalize your programming using the simple concept of specificity…one that you can use…for life.

Bonus Lessons : Previews of The Movement University
Video Set 16: An Introduction BioMechanics 2: Strength and Conditioning for Sports
If you’re simulating or stimulating sporting movements, you’re training the wrong movements altogether
Video Set 17: An Introduction to BioMechanics 3: Pain Resolution
Never give up function: How to know what movements will help to resolve pain and what movements won’t.
Video 18: Introducing BioChemistry: How Dietary “Stability” is killing you
Why do all diets fail? Because they require the dieter to conform to the diet…wrong!
Video 19: BioPsychology Principles 
Are things you can’t do in life different than what you can’t do in the gym? And what can you do about that? Do you have a body shaped mind or a mind shaped body? Which is better?
Video 20: The M Wave: The Graphical Representation of PR Everyday…Everyday is a different PR…Do you know how to get one?

With over 40 videos and over 4 hours of material, Gym Movement offers you the most thorough dealing with the World’s First Fully BioFeedback Based Training System.  We have divided each Lesson into 3 Sections.

Section 1: Conceptual Framework
Each Application is built on a concept. We’re not going to just tell you what to do. In this video, we’re going to tell you why to do it.

Section 2: Application
See us, step by by step, implement the Protocol EXACTLY as we do in our own training.

Section 3: Easy Reference Guide
In addition to the over four hours of video and audio, you will receive an Easy Reference Guide which boils it all down to the basics which will gives you a readily available reminder of the applications.

In addition to all this, we do one more thing for you. After each course, we hold a teleconference where we answer the best questions we have been emailed and any questions you may have…live!

Years back, we released Gym Movement, Vol 1.  It demonstrated the basics of BioFeedback Based Training…but a DVD is far too limited a way to learn.  This information is far too valuable to be misunderstood and misapplied.

So we’ve done something different…completely different.  Now we teach you the same way we teach our students in person: as if you are in the room with us.  Gym Movement isn’t just an instructional…it’s a documentary!  This MultiMedia Approach allows us to guarantee that you will perpetually progress.

The BioFeedback methods taught in Gym Movement are what allowed me to set PRs in fat loss, muscle gain, and performance (and still going strong). Are you ready to set your own personal records? Are you ready to gain muscle and lose fat? Are you ready to avoid those nagging aches and pains? Then you’re ready for Gym Movement.

The tuition for Gym Movement is:

For a limited time, you can get Gym Movement for only…

That’s over $100 off…but there is a catch. This price is only good for the first 75 students who respond. We take your students’ education seriously and want you to reap the benefits of perpetual progress. Whether it’s video, audio, text, or over the phone…we will help you succeed…if you are one of the first 75.

If you aren’t one of the first 75, then you’ll have to wait until we offer the next semester (and we don’t know when that will be). So if you’re at all interested in being a part of our interactive, multimedia education, I recommend you do so now. Because after each class, the price goes up.


I wasn’t always a civilian. I was an Military Policeman.  A damn good one, a no shit legit Tech Sergeant. In fact, I trained other MPs.

I was told what to do and I told men what to do. No longer. I could no longer agree to follow others and have others follow me. My time is now spent asking questions instead of barking orders.  I am not here to lead you. I’m here to teach you what I was taught. I’m going to teach you to lead yourself!

If you will learn to follow yourself, I will teach you to make progress EVERY single time you go to the gym…for life.  You can make progress perpetually but you’re not going to get there listening to someone else, some guru…I don’t care how charismatic they are.

We have a saying, “If follow anything other than your body, YOU WILL break your body.” So, in closing, for your own sake…Don’t follow me. Don’t follow someone else. Follow you. If you don’t know how, I can teach you. We can teach you. Reserve your spot in Gym Movement today. You won’t regret it.

Towards better,

Adam T Glass

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