Since the Gym Movement Protocol was first shared with the public in 2008, autoregulatory/instinctive/biofeedback based training has gained a lot of popularity. And for good reason…it works!

You, of course, know this. You’ve been using the Gym Movement Protocol to great effect. You’ve hit more PRs, gained more movements, strength, endurance, flexibility, muscle, lost more fat, and resolved more pain for yourself and others than ever before. I’m here to tell you: it gets better.

I’m sure you’ve intuited this. Even though you’ve been testing exercise for some time, you’ve probably had problem lifts, problem movements, and niggling pains that you’ve gone back and forth with. It’s time for an upgrade to your practice.

While the fundamentals taught in Gym Movement (and our BioMechanics, BioChemistry, and BioPsychology courses) haven’t changed, the precision with which we apply the Protocols have…and that’s why I want to share with you the next step.


DVDsGym Movement Advanced Assessments
Course Curriculum (video & audio course) 
The Assessments
Nearly every other school of thought in fitness espouses particular assessments. After all, if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing. But most assessments, no matter how accurate they may be, aren’t very actionable. Here are the four major assessments that combine looking at the body and the moves it makes: generally, specifically, in isolation, and in integration. You’ll see areas you didn’t know you could get better in and be able to act on it!

Assessment 1
We learn from large to small, from gross to fine…and we can assess that way.  The six sub-assessments from Assessment 1 are so obvious, you’ll feel cheated no one has ever taught you them before.

Assessment 2
The most limiting factor in your present is your past.  Assessment 2 deals with the three contexts from your past that are most likely inhibiting your present performance.  This set of assessments helps you find the areas that you can make progress in RIGHT NOW… and instantly enhances performance in everything else.

Assessment 3
Instability, hypermobility, and laxity can shut down even the most seasoned athletes and exercisers.  Assessment 3 tackles this head on and shows you where you can move to bring more strength and stability to problem areas.  You don’t have to avoid those problems areas anymore.  

Assessment 4
Assessment 4 is the fine tooth comb of assessments.  Determine your movement potential using the ultimate assessment.  Don’t miss out on movements that would make you better.

Integration of Assessments and The Protocol
As straight forward as the Protocol is, I think too many of us misuse and don’t utilize the Protocol to the full extent. Learn the order of operations for addressing your movement limitations, past movement goals, and present movement goals so that you may reach your current athletic and aesthetic goals…as fast as you safely can.

Live Student Instruction
Sometimes the best way to learn is to watch someone else learn.  This 6 Video shows someone (a lot like you) uploading the Assessments.  Get the best of both worlds with both private and “group” education.

An Expanded Practice
The biggest benefit to Assessing is how it affects your eyes.  No longer are you coming to your body testing a set of exercises, you’re coming to your body with any movement possible.  Move beyond exercise to movement…and move your body from deformation to reformation.

Darryl Testimonial-page-001Craig Testimonial-page-001At over 20 videos and nearly 3 hours of information, Gym Movement Advanced Assessments is the master class of biofeedback practice.  You know how to exercise…Do you know how to move?

you can learn how with:



To be honest, most assessments in fitness are at best non-specific and at their worst, a waste of time.  Too many of us invest our time in learning and practicing assessments only to discard them soon after.  No longer. Gym Movement Advanced Assessments offers a permanent solution to your assessment problems.

With Gym Movement Advanced Assessments, you will…
Learn your limits so you can lessen your limits!

I look forward to sharing Gym Movement Advanced Assessments with you!



Towards Better,
-Frankie Faires

PS (Gym Movement Advanced Assessments not only shows you where you’re at, but more importantly, where you can get better.  You don’t need to just know what’s wrong with you…you need to know what you can fix.  And that is what assessments are supposed to be all about…and that’s what Gym Movement Advanced Assessments is about!)