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Are you considering pursuing more fitness education this year?

Why are you still searching for more information?
I think you’re still looking because
you haven’t found what you’re looking for
and you’re looking for something that works.

Not something that works for some of the people
some of the time.
Something that works for all of the people
all of the time.
And that is exactly what we teach.

In fact,
what THE MOVEMENT teaches works so well
that when you use the world’s first
fully biofeedback based training system
you will achieve personal records in the gym

But you probably already know that
and have been doing that…
But there is far more to learn…
and to apply
and progress to be had.

Perpetual Progress wasn’t thought possible
and since its discovery,
the rules have changed.

Find out about the new rules at
BioMechanics I: Physique Transformation and Foundations

Just hear what
had Josh had to say after attending:

“My name is Josh Hanagarne. I’m a 32 year old librarian in Salt City, Utah. I became a trainer by accident. I’ve become an extremely good trainer by choice.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve dabbled in lifting weights as a coping mechanism for dealing with Tourette’s Syndrome. It didn’t help with the symptoms–sometimes it even made them worse. But it helped me feel in control because I was making my body do things, versus my body being in control of me.

I was at work one day when I saw a copy of Pavel Tsatsouline’s book The Naked Warrior on the desk. I took it home, read it in one sitting, and there at the end of the book was an ad for kettlebells. I’d never heard of them, but I was drawn in by the line, “Try it if you think you’re so tough. You’ll wish you were dead.”

Yep, I was that guy you could always market to. I had to try it. A week later I was doing snatches in my backyard. And yes, I wished I was dead. But I was also extremely happy and excited to have a new tool to play around with. The kettlebell made me feel tough and it made me feel strong. My Tourette’s was getting worse but my body was looking better. I was developing the mental toughness to (usually) deal with my symptoms and I wanted to celebrate.

I attended the RKC certification in June of 2009 as a way to say “I am now in control of my life.” When I got back, I began teaching kettlebell classes at a local Crossfit Gym. That was one year ago. My class is now the most popular class at the gym, averaging upwards of 12 clients/week. I do a little bit of one-on-one training as well, but before biofeedback training, I wasn’t really interested in rounding up a bunch of new clients, especially since I was working so much at the library.

And I kept training. Harder and harder. Always trying to outpace my symptoms. Always trying to prove that I could work hard enough to earn my strength. I wore the effort and agony like a badge of honor. I bragged on the Internet forums about how my workouts drove me into the ground. I looked at my training peers, both online and off, and I chased the numbers of those I looked up to.

I followed various programs and the programs worked. For a while. And when they no longer worked, I pressed on anyways because that is what you do if you have guts. If you’re mentally tough. If you’re a man. If you want to be strong. Pain is part of the life. Injuries are the price of progress. There is a RIGHT way to do things.

At least, that’s what I thought.

When I received my invite to attend the BPT certification, I was thrilled. I’d been training with biofeedback for nearly 5 months, ever since spending a week in Minot training with Adam Glass. Adam showed me how to run my own basic experiments and I committed to following myself for a while.

I soon realized that all of the people I had looked up to were not making very good progress in their training – How did I know? Because suddenly I was stronger than all of them. I did it without agony, much sweat, or injuries. I didn’t even use much effort.

Even more intriguing, since I started following my own biofeedback, my tics were lessening – a lot less.

Yes, I was already setting PRs every day, but I went to the certification because Adam and Frankie were teaching it. They had convinced me that I could solve a problem for myself that none of my neurologists had been able to. And they were proving me right. They solved nothing for me, but they taught me to ask better questions.

How could I not attend?

I already knew Adam pretty well, but he over-delivered as always at the cert. What can you say about Adam? He’s monstrously strong, and that’s what everyone fixates on. He also looks scary and does not suffer fools gladly. He also loves to have fun and is lighthearted when he’s around people that love to learn.

All of these things make him a better instructor than any professor I’ve ever had during a decade full of book learning and school. But most importantly, he wants what is best for you. If you are willing to back up talk with actions and test things out, he is generous with his time and enjoys your progress more than his own.

Frankie is similar but different. His academic knowledge is immediately obvious when he begins speaking. And he is as quiet and unassuming as Adam is loud and in-charge. But during the cert, it was very clear that we are all equals. As an individual, I have nothing but respect for Frankie, largely because he can hear and accept criticism if it will make him better. Rather than accept a life of chronic pain, he is solving his own problems and is now helping others solve their own.

As to the other candidates, all I could think of was: “Wow, what a mix of characters. Quite the menagerie of personalities and disciplines.” Some were nervous, some were excited, but all of us were excited by the chance to get better. And I could feel it: being in that room was not about being part of a club or finding some more friends, although those are benefits to be expected. No, it was about getting better and making our clients better.

I won’t describe the cert, because the cert was indescribable. It was that good. If I had had one thing to say to prospective candidates at the end of day one, I would have simply said: “Wish you were here.”

It changed my training and it continues to change my life. I don’t need to recommend it to anyone. The Movement will spread with or without any of us. It can’t be stopped, simply because it is that good. It is an idea whose time has come. It’s bigger than Frankie or Adam, bigger than you or I. It’s going to spread and I’m thrilled to be on board at the beginning.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump at the chance to go, should you receive an invite. It will make you better. It will make your clients better. More importantly, your clients won’t have to rely on you for long. They’ll learn to lead themselves. But you’re going to be able to get more clients because you’ll be that much better than everyone else. If anyone has a problem with that, that is an indefensible position and they don’t have their client’s best interests at heart.

This cert is the best thing a trainer could do, but there are definitely people who shouldn’t come.

If you need your clients to rely on you, don’t come. If you want to remain stagnant, don’t come. If you lack the courage to ask questions, don’t come. If you are uncomfortable with change, don’t come.

If belonging to a community is more important to you than getting results, stay away.

But not coming to the cert doesn’t mean you’ll be able to ignore The Movement. You’ll be caught up in it sooner or later. Whether that punishes or rewards you is your choice.”

–Josh Hanagarne

It is my prediction that after you attend, like Josh, you won’t want to attend another company’s course.

Because when you learn why perpetual progress occurs,
you’ll get better even faster
and everything that has ever worked
and everything that hasn’t
will FINALLY make sense.

Take a look at a sampling of what you will be learning:

Why no one understands how specific that “specific” is…
Take the SAID principle to its logical conclusion and the mysteries of progress will no longer be mysterious.

How to use this little known law and corollary of tissue…
…to add lean tissue or strip fat tissue away even better than you imagined possible.

The Concepts of Form & Function
Why knowing this simple way of looking at your body helps you to ask better questions and get better results from your body.

The Limitations of Tool Based Fitness
All exercises and systems work – but at what cost?  Why shaping your body after a tool slows both your athletic and aesthetic gains.

The Limitations of Exercise Based Fitness
Is your body shaped like exercises or are your exercises shaped like your body?  Increase your PRs by shaping those exercises more after your body.

Are Life Movements Missing from your workout?
Does your training include running, jumping, landing or falling?  If not, why not?  How to put life movements into your workout and make your body look better, feel better and work better.

The Movement Model
This 4 step model will be the last model you will ever need for exercise progress.  How using this “specificity” model gets you closer to your ultimate goal no matter how specifically you are working in it.

Demystifying Joint Mobility
How to know the specific times when you need “Joint Mobility” and how the practice can INSTANTLY increase strength and reduce pain.

Eliminate “Corrective Exercise”
All exercise that tests well is corrective exercise.  When you start testing your exercise, your need for static stretching, isometrics, foam rolling, pre-hab, warm-ups, cool-downs, chiropractic and manual therapy will fall away.  Biofeedback based exercise is not only a time saver – it’s a money saver.

Troubleshooting Biofeedback
Testing is simple but there are many ways to make it better.  Better tests lead to better and faster results.  Here are the top troubleshoots you need to know to design better tests.

Optimal Exercise Form based on Physics
Understanding the simple recognition of vectors and leverage lets you know optimal Physic-al Exercise Form.  This is where your tests will ultimately lead you.  Learn the physics of the 7 basic lifts and how to vary them.

Optimal Exercise Form based on Physiology
Accept that you’re at where you are at based on testing and find the fastest way to get towards better leverage which leads to better results

What to do when your favorite exercise doesn’t test well
How this Protocol will get you back to your primary lifts faster than ever and get your PRing them while reducing the risk of injury

Programming for Muscle Gain & Fat Loss
Learn the prioritization of Movement Quantities for your specific goal so that you can prioritize your tests to maximize your results.

Bonus Section: Programming for Strength Sports
How competitive strength sport training can be augmented by Biofeedback so Comp PRs are a high probability

Exercise Experiment Templates
Use these Experiment Templates to put your progress and your clients’ progress on autopilot

Day 1 Protocol
Don’t you hate it when you have all this new information and you don’t know how to apply it?  Learn the easy to use Monday Morning, Day 1 Protocol for the rest of your training career.

Teaching Movement
Isn’t it funny how most Instructor certifications have almost nothing to do with actually teaching?  Learn the 5 step teaching protocol that applies to everything – but especially exercise. Here’s a hint – it’s not about how many cues you can give.  It’s about knowing when to cue and when to switch exercises.

The Path to Testing
Know when to apply Biofeedback to clients and when not to.  Know how to take someone from listening to a guru to listening to their body.

Distance Business Internship
An unprecedented business opportunity will be offered. You will get step by step, hand held instructions for one year where they will learn to make 5 figures per month at NO COST to them!

All of this will be covered…
and much much more.

You must know
Anatomical Terms of Motion

Anatomical Terms of Direction

Bones of the Human Skeleton

These tests are not just hoops to jump through.
They are the vocabulary that describes the basic form and function of movement.

On day 1, minute 1, we will start with a pretest of this material.
If you score less than 85%, your money (minus deposit) will be returned
you will be asked to leave and
you may be disqualified from future certs.

Attendance in no way guarantees certification. Other companies have written exams or non specific physical tests. We want you to prove that you can do this – for yourself and for your clients.If you want to be certified, you will have 3 total personal and clientele case studies to complete within 120 days of attendance.  You will be considered a candidate at that time.  If you do not complete the case studies, you will have no designation whatsoever. This is all results driven. We all will prove conclusively to anyone who asks we can achieve exactly what we say we can.
The cost is $2195 paid in full ($599 non-refundable reservation fee) and additional payment plans are available.

Before you accept this invitation, I’d like for you to consider the work that goes into this.  This will be like no other certification you will have ever attended.  Prereqs, pretests and post attendance requirements are not industry norm.  These tests will be intense but practical.  You will not learn one thing that you will not use in your everyday fitness practice.

We are doing this for a reason.  In every other cert in the industry, there are plenty of your peers that you wouldn’t refer a client to – that’s because they’re not your peers.  We are committed to certifying only qualified, credible people.  We want you to believe in this so much that you will refer someone you know to one of our trainers you don’t know because you believe in this educational process.  We will create your peer group.

We will create a culture of excellence, a place where the most highly educated and the highly compensated Movement professionals congregate. The personal and business connections you make here will be lifelong.  This tribes’ population is all about excellence so we need to be VERY careful about who we let in.

“Give me a fish and I eat for a day.  Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.”
–Chinese Proverb

What is so interesting about this Certification is that is not as much about what to think or what actions to take, it is more about how to think and how to act.  When you learn the “how” of physique transformation, you no longer need to collect the “what’s” of physique transformation.  You’ll be able to create everything you need.  No longer will you have to buy into other guru’s and fitness systems ideology.  You will learn how fast, easy and pervasive the science and practice of biofeedback really is.

If you want to be in on the ground floor of something new, of something different, of something better contact us immediately here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Frankie Faires,
Lead Educator