Expect Evolution


I am a Martial Artist. I’ve had multiple teachers and even been a teacher myself. I’ve been better than some of my teachers…but not all.

Most students aren’t better than their teachers. But if a teacher teaches long enough and more importantly, teaches well enough, the student will exceed the teacher. And some of those students become teachers themselves.

There is a mythos in the Martial Arts along the lines of this, “If you think I’m good, you should’ve seen my teacher.” Except that isn’t how nature works. That isn’t how evolution works.

Not every iteration nature makes is an evolutionary step forward. But over the long view of time, those things that work…last. The trend is always in the direction of more adaptive.

And adaptive, often but not always, means better. That means that over time, we should expect better. In sports, we see that.

There is often a phrase, “we’ll never see another _______.” For me, that was Michael Jordan. But since then, there’s been Kobe, Lebron. Given enough time, nature always produces better.

Evolution produces better in a few ways. And it produces better in a few ways for us, personally. But there’s one way I want to focus upon.

There are what is called adaptive mutations. Light colored skin (in the geographical area in which is was adapted) is an adaptive mutation. This allowed people to absorb more Vitamin D from the Sun. But this adaptation, or more accurately described positive mutation, wasn’t random.

There was a stress on the body, a need so great, that mutation occurred (not random). Not just one mutation occurred, but many. It just so happened (or what was random) that among a subset of people one of those mutations was light skin. It worked so well that this mutation became a part of their genome. In evolutionary terms, what works, especially positive mutations, lasts.

Evolution is about change, long term change, over time, a long time, that allows organisms to survive. It requires those organisms to alter their environment to make their lives easier. If they cannot do that, they have to change themselves to make life easier.

Sometimes this personal change is so drastic that they change all the way down to their genetic blueprint in order to live better. The premise of the text, EVOLUTION, A NEW TESTAMENT is this: in order to be happy (in all ways), you have lived in accordance with your blueprint. You weren’t just a product of evolution, you were built to produce evolution…thus, you should expect it.

This leaves you with two major edicts. Change your environment to match yourself. If you cannot, change yourself to match your environment. If you cannot, you must change yourself all the way to the core…or risk extinction.

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