There is no book you can turn to,
no book that can actually tell you
how to live your life…
that if you lived that way
would guarantee your happiness…
until now.

Philosophy and Religion have tackled the big questions of life:
-Who are we?
-How’d we get here?
-What is ours to do?
-How can we be happy?

Their answers have worked for some….
but not all.

So where do we turn when our answers don’t work?
We turn to science.
But there’s a problem.
There are those outside of science and even those within science that don’t believe that science can answer the big questions of life…
but they’re wrong.

Science is simply a method of inquiry,
a way of asking questions and testing the results
to provide us the absolute best answers.

Science does answer
-who you are
-why you’re here
-what is yours to do
-what you need in order to be happy

But it’s not the science you think it is…
It’s not sociology, psychology, or anthropology.

It’s the most controversial science of our day.
It’s Evolution.  Yes.  Evolution.

Evolution is not only the science and the story 
of your past,
Evolution explains your present problems and provides your future solutions.
Do you have a problem?
Then I have a solution…evolution.

oldhardbackstandingstraight_873x1004 EVOLUTION, A NEW TESTAMENT (ebook 88 pp., 12K words)

The big questions of life (Who are we? Why are we here? What is ours to do?) have been relegated to philosophy and religion…what can science tell us?

A New Mythology
Mythology and science aren’t necessarily at odds, especially when you create new myths for a new science.

A New Science
To understand us, you have to understand the dominant science of us, evolution, which just so happens to be the most contested science of the past 150 years.

Camp Pro
If you’re more scientifically leaning, you probably are a believer in evolution…but you may believe it has very little to do with day to day life.

Camp Anti
If you’ve been more religious or philosophically leaning, then it’s very likely you believe that evolution may not have happened. Or if evolution is real, you believe does very little in way of telling us how to live. After all, evolution is just a…

Just A Theory
Yes, evolution is a theory…but not just. Learn what a theory actually is.

Science Of Our Past
This definition of evolution may surprise you…as its scope dwarves our lens.

How do organisms develop into other organisms? Very, very gradually.

Life is so diverse that there are 10 million species alive today…where did they come from?

Common Ancestry
According to evolution, it all started with one…one single organism that connects us all.

(Not) A Masterplan
What has come to be isn’t because of any Master…nor any masterplan. It’s a process…

Natural Selection
How nature selects those who can fit in in nature…and stand out in their species.

Sexual Selection
Those who can sufficiently stand out get selected…and the whole thing starts again.

Under The Skin
While you may be new, you’re made out of old parts…but sometimes you get a new part or two.

Your Inheritance Is Not From…
There have been genetic losers along the line but there’s good news: You come from a long line of winners. You’re made up of old, winning parts.

An Ugly Word
But sometimes some new part new pops up, a mutation…but is it random?

Random doesn’t mean unpredictable…so what does it mean?

As it turns out mutation isn’t random, but what mutation produces isn’t as predictable.

Your Cooperation, Please
What if there’s another trait that has been selected for…that isn’t about nature’s “red tooth and claw?”

When resources are up for grabs, there’s an arms race, and the “arms” are who is more evolved.

What Science Has Answered
Science has answered a couple of our big questions. But can science answer the questions that remain?

Outside the Domain
Is evolution just a story of our past…or is it the only thing that can reliably navigate our future?

…In A Brand New Face
History repeats itself…and I am one of those repetitions.

The Science Of Our Present
To get the most out of evolution, we have to look through a much shorter lens.

Elements of Evolution Studied
Are there any studies related to the short term associations of Common Ancestry, Natural Selection, Sexual Selection, Speciation, Cooperation, Gradualism, Mutation, Competition, and Innovation? When you know where to look…yes, there are.

The Mythology Of Today
Mythology is about relating the science of the day to our everyday life…so how can we apply evolution?

Elements of Evolution Applied
How can we apply the lesson history teaches us, these elements of evolution to our everyday lives (Common Ancestry, Natural Selection, Sexual Selection, Speciation, Cooperation, Gradualism, Mutation, Competition, and Innovation)? It’s far simpler and far more consistent than we think.

Evolutionary Elements
Just like it all started with one…it all comes down to 1…out of 9.

You’re not finished evolving…here’s what to do when you don’t know what to do.

Plenty of philosophies are religions include elements of evolution, but just excluding one of them may lead to a life not worth living

Most species are gone. They’re passed by. Here’s one final thought to keep you from going extinct.



I have a few questions for you:
-Are you happy with your life?
-Are you doing what you want to be doing?
-Have you accomplished what you want to accomplish?
-Are you where you thought you’d be?
-Are you with the person you thought you’d be?
-Are you the person you thought you’d be?
-Isn’t there something missing?

There is something missing.
There’s something that self help, religion, and philosophy are missing
and it’s the same thing missing from your life:
Evolution…daily evolution!
You may feel like you’re not up to raising your game,
but I want to remind you that…

You are the result of 4.6 millions years of evolution…
You are evolved from a direct line of winners.
You were born to win…but in order to win, you have to evolve…




Towards Better!

PS (Nature rewards those who evolve.  Those who can’t are victims of extinction. Your life doesn’t have to end or even devolve….if you can level up…with EVOLUTION, A NEW TESTAMENT.)