Don’t Be A Wuss

dont-be-wussWe do something most people don’t. We quit before it gets too hard. Many people would say we’re being wusses.

For some of us, I’d agree. We’re being wusses. But we’re not being wusses for the reasons most would attribute.

I think we’re avoiding the physical hard work…and that’s good. We’re not trying to do what we can’t. But we’re avoiding the mental hard work…and not doing work where we can.

Following this path isn’t easy. It requires physical discipline. But the physical discipline we use is the opposite of what others use.

Most people feel they need to push on the gas more. They need to find some way to wake up earlier, get off the couch, go the gym, start that new business. Physically, this isn’t what we do.

We learn the discipline of the “brakes.” We learn when to stay in bed, stay on the couch, don’t go to the gym, or not start the new business. Progress can not be made by acceleration alone.

I think for many of us who following this “braking” path, we stay on the brakes too long. To continue with the car metaphor, we’re not adept at turning our steering wheel. If we can’t go our primary direction, we just stop when we could be look for the “back way.”

We can’t go the way we want…but we can keep going. We need to brake when we’re heading the wrong direction. Then we need to steer to the right direction. Then we need to press on the gas for as long as we can go in that direction…then do it all again. Let’s unpack that metaphor.

Let’s say we want to get good at bench pressing. But when we go to bench press, it doesn’t test well or feel right. We have the discipline to not bench press…but do we have the discipline to find what exercises we can do?

When we can’t train what we want, that makes us feel like a wuss. Feeling that way may motivate us to train what we want anyway possibly injuring us…making us more of a wuss. Or it may make us be a wuss…and not train at all…that’s being a wuss, too.

We can’t just take our ball and go home. There is still a game to be played. We have to look for what we can do.

If we can’t train bench, can we train components of the bench press like a shoulder raise or triceps extension or can we need to do the opposite motion, like a row? Or can we work our lower body? Being a wuss isn’t about avoiding what’s hard, being a wuss is when we’re avoiding what we could do. Do what you can do. Don’t be a wuss.

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