This is the last book on Fat Loss
you’ll ever buy
because it’s
the last one you’ll ever need!

Every diet and exercise program has an expiration date…
What once worked stops working as well
or stops working altogether…if it ever worked at all.

Did you do something wrong?
Did you eat too much?
Did you workout too little?
Did you not try hard enough?

You’re not the problem.
The program was the problem.

You changed.
The old program stayed the same.
You need a new program…
but not just any old fat loss program.

You need an entirely new approach to fat loss…
an approach that changes with you,
an approach that is specifically based on you.

That basis for your fat loss is your “biofeedback,”
your bodily signals that tell you
exactly how you need to exercise
and how you need to eat
in order to finally reach your fat loss potential.

You’ve been so busy listening to how other people said you should get fit that
you’ve missed out on the simple and clear messages your body is sending you.
But no longer.

No longer do you have to carry unwanted weight.
No longer do you have struggle only to fail.
No longer do you have to wonder if you will ever get in shape.


binderlayingopen_550x634 BioFeedback Fat Loss eBook
(Digitally Delivered, 53 pp., 6446 words)

Table of Contents
Learn why BioFeedback isn’t the fastest way to lose fat and why it is the safest and most sustainable, flexible method for fat loss.

Reverse Engineering
We’re going to hack the fat loss system by reverse engineering what the most “ripped” people do.

Reverse Engineering Ripped
Ripped people do two very different things than the average person to get super shredded.

What Ripped Does
Discover the three key factors in exercise that makes us “ripped.”

How Ripped Eats
Uncover the two common factors between all the diets that deliver high levels of leanness.

Same ‘Ol, Same ‘Ol
This all comes down to the same ‘ol, same ‘ol diet and exercise advice…or does it?

At Your Best
There was a time when you were at your leanest…no I mean, at your best…what made it your best?

When I Was At My Dietary Best
I’ll take through an average day of everything I ate and drank to get below 6% body fat.

When You Were At Your Dietary Best
I did it…now it’s your turn to revisit the glory days of you at your best.

I’ll Compare My Diet
What is it about what I did to achieve low levels of body fat that is comparable to what the best of the best do?

You Compare Your Diet
Look at what you did through the two lenses of leanness.

When I Was At My Active Best
There were three times I was at my leanest yet each time I focused on a different priority…here’s exactly what I did.

When You Were At Your Active Best
What about you? What were your activities when you were at your best?

I’ll Compare My Activities
Here are how my three types of activities measure up to the three measures of progress.

You Compare Your Activities
Find out which one of the measures of progress was most important to your fat loss.

Comparison is only half of the evaluation…we have to contrast, too.

I’ll Contrast My Diet
Here’s what made my diet so different than everyone else’s…and what made it work for me.

You Contrast Your Diet
What was it about your diet that didn’t fit with the two common factors for lean diets?

I’ll Contrast My Activity
There was one element that was incredibly important to my fat loss…and one that should have been that wasn’t at all.

You Contrast Your Activity
What was your most important fat loss factor? Which was the least?

The Recipe
We know the ingredients for fat loss for you…here’s how we’re going to find out the amounts.

Forward Engineering
If you only reverse engineer, what you engineer won’t work…learn the key ingredient in forward engineering fat loss.

Measuring Experimental Effects
For every “cause,” there is an effect…but there are more than eventual effects, when can we first measure effects?

Exercise Effects
What makes an effect positive or negative and what can we use to measure?

How To Measure ROM
Learn the two key characteristics of an effective ROM test.

Common ROM Tests
Here are the top 4 most common ROM tests.

Dietary Effects
There are five dietary effects…and you likely haven’t been measuring any of them.

What happens when you combine reverse and forward engineering? A personalized fat loss formula!

My Activity Application
Here are the 10 steps I follow each and every time I engage in my fat burning exercise sessions.

Your Turn
Here is how you can follow these same simple 10 steps.

A Time For Fat, A Time For Fit
It’s not always time to lose fat…do you know what time that is?

When You’re Stressed
When you’re stressed, you need to be fueled…do you know what you need?

Dietary Applications
There are six simple steps to follow to decode your fat loss diet.

Dieting makes you mindful of every factor…except the most important one.

But I Don’t Wanna
You may not wanna, but here’s the one thing you gotta do so you never have to buy another fat loss book.

The Body Is The Guide
Every other program has an an expiration point, a point where it no longer works..but this one doesn’t..because it comes from inside you.

Will This Really Work?
Is Fatness a problem with the body…or a problem with how we use our bodies?

Trend, Not Line
Learn what I mean when I say, “You need to gain fat to lose fat.”

Stress is Stress
Know when it’s best to diet and exercise and when it’s best to veg out and eat out.

What is the logical conclusion of perpetual weight loss? It’s not what you think.

Move On
Now that you’re looking better, moving better, and feeling better…what’s the next step?

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PS (I’ve met so many people that believed they couldn’t lose weight.  They thought their body was the problem…but it wasn’t.  The problem was they weren’t listening to their body and following their body.  Once they did, losing weight was no longer an issue.  Finally build a responsive, lean body by responding to your body with BioFeedback Fat Loss!)