No matter the problem…
whether it be with your
diet, exercise, or mental state,
The solution is inside you
and we can help you find it.

Maybe you’ve read….

“There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”
― Miyamoto Musashi

“Heed the still small voice that so seldom leads us wrong and never leads to folly.”
—Marie de Vicy-Chamrond

“…Deep down below the a still, small voice that says to us, something is out of tune.”
—Carl Jung

There’s a problem with these quotes.
They’re great ideas…but they’re not answers.
They tell us to listen to ourselves but they don’t tell us how to do it!

Did you know that…

  • 5.3 millions deaths per year in the US are due to physical inactivity
    (that’s more than smoking!).
  • Nearly 69% of Americans are considered obese (and it’s rising!).
  • 47% of Americans don’t rate themselves as “happy” or “very happy” even with antidepressant use is up 400% in ten years!

We’re not moving enough, we’re not eating correctly, and we’re more unhappy than ever…
What’s going wrong????

We live in the information age.
Whether it’s eating better, exercising correctly,
or becoming happier,
we all know what we need to do….
or do we?

We may “know” more than ever
but we’ve forgotten the most important information.

We may be more connected technologically
but we are becoming more disconnected biologically.

We know more about science
but we understand less about ourselves.

We need to cut out the noise
and tune back into the signal,
our own specific signal,
our BioFeedback!

BioFeedback may be a term you’re familiar with…
but it doesn’t mean what you think it does.
For as complex as it sounds, biofeedback is very simple:

Our sensations (senses, feelings, etc)
tell us what to do (our actions, motions, etc).

Simple right?
Oh, yes…but incredibly powerful.

Biofeedback is your body’s internal guidance system
and once you tap into it, your own biofeedback will provide you direction….
for everything.

It’s time to start your journey with…


Beginning BioFeedback (ebook 33 pages, 8517 words, digitally delivered)

This book of stories, studies and science has a back story. Before BioFeedback, Frankie was failing personally and interpersonally. But after Beginning BioFeedback, personal and professional growth have been a guarantee.

Progress is about hard work…or is it? This text offers a completely different way to better yourself in all areas…without killing yourself in the process.

Frankie’s First Few Forays Into Fitness
Frequent fitness failure led to a common sense approach that all his coaches missed (which was substantiated by research twenty-five years later).

Craig Is Eating “Clean”
Trying to eat healthier made Craig unhealthier… actually, a lot unhealthier, and that led Craig to discover one of the two most important aspects of “eating better.”

Frankie Gets Financially Fitter
The “minimal” approach for others was too much for Frankie. This led to years of stagnation…but when he found his minimal, he was finally able to make progress.

Weights, Food, And Money
There is a common theme in all the stories. What was medicine for others was poison for us. When we embraced this first concept, where once we were stagnant, we were now on the move.

Frankie Is Still In The Gym
Find out why Frankie had the single best workout he ever had by breaking the one rule he always followed. For as long as he broke that rule, he continued to make personal records!

Craig Comes To His Senses
Craig tried to nutritionally educate his way to better health, but that left out the most important information Craig (and you) will ever have for a healthier diet.

Frankie Can’t Even Lift A Pencil
As a writer, you think Frankie would have an easier time with it…he does when he asks one simple question. Once you ask and answer this question, you’ll be able to overcome any block you may have, too.

The Question Before The Action
Our second theme uncovers the nature of sensations, emotions, and feelings…once you understand them, it will forever change you.

Do More By Feel
When you act in accordance with your feelings, you not only feel better…but you act better! This is the magic of biofeedback.

In Gym, In Life
Here are four steps in the gym (and in life) to let your boy be your guide.

Can Feel? Can Do!
How can you base your actions on your feelings…when you don’t know how you feel? Here is a simple alternative to select the correct action when you are sensate insensitive.

You Just Have to Apply Yourself
This is the scientific method personally applied to your nutrition.

Processing Your Diet
The most important answers you need to begin personalizing a healthier diet are answered with 4 common questions.

Refining Your Diet
From diversifying your diet, coping with overeating, food quality, and adjusting to your body’s changing needs, many of the most common nutrition questions are answered.

Questions About Feelings
There are two main questions to ask in order to change how you feel. Here are four steps to resolving your emotional state.

There is one reason why you do everything you do…do you know what it is?

There is an epilogue to the personal story of the two authors that provides a lesson for you: if you apply these concepts to not only yourself but those around you, you may find yourself in most rewarding of relationships.

You can pick up your copy of Beginning BioFeedback for only…




Instead of surfing the web, Learn to ride your own waves.
Turn into that still small voice.
Finally trust your gut.
Stop caring more about what everyone else does
and discover what is yours to do.
Go the right way, go your way!

Let us help you on your journey with
Beginning BioFeedback



Towards Better!
Craig & Frankie

PS (Maybe the reason why things aren’t working out your way is because it’s not your “way.” Self Discovery was once solely a spiritual practice. Beginning BioFeedback brings science to the development of self and with it, brings you far, far better results.)