photo-main-e1433431985858The thing I am most passionate about it spreading science. But the science I’m spreading isn’t the science that is being promulgated and pushed back against. While I am an authority on is a very small slice of science, but I’m no authoritarian…quite the opposite.

The kind of science I’m spreading isn’t about the empirical, it’s about the anecdotal. It’s isn’t about people, it’s about the person. It isn’t about us…it’s about you.

I want the number one thing you do in your life to be science. In fact, I bet it already is. I want to help you be a better at it.

Everyday you encounter problems and you try to apply possible solutions. That is science. You’ve been running experiments.

These problems and solutions are personal. They may not work for anyone else, but that’s OK…they work for you. This isn’t the science of the many, it’s the science of the few.

But this science can extend….a bit. Sometimes we have problems with others. But there is a scientific solution to that, too.

Whenever you have a problem to which you don’t know the solution, you experiment. But before you can experiment, you have to perform the most important step. You have to design the experiment.

To me, there may be nothing more beautiful than an elegantly designed experiment. This experiment is so simple, yet so thorough, that the results are conclusive and indisputable. Experimental design is the height of science.

So when two people have a problem, the problem is best solved when an experiment is co-designed…so that neither party will disagree after the experiment is ran. And the responses to the experimental outcomes are predetermined so that the problem is not only solved, the recourse is planned. Science is best played as a team sport.

Being the best scientist includes things like research, observation, analyzing and interpreting existing data…but all of this isn’t enough. We have to take science out of the lab and let in breathe in everyday life. Anytime we have a problem is an opportunity for an experiment.

But this experiment has to be designed well. It has to definitively tell us the answer to our individual or collective problem. And when we have problems with others, we have to get them to design that experiment with us. And we have to run it together, too.

When science is a cooperative advent, it can break through most pre-existing ideologies and preconceptions. When problem solving is a group activity, the solution is for the group, as well. Unlike most philosophies, science has the potential to unite us all.

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