Amor Fati

AMOR_FATI“…Amor fati, the “love of your fate,” which is in fact your life…”
–Friedrich Nietzsche

Is BioFeedback Based Testing for you?
It depends.

Since its inception, there has been a misconception
as to what BioFeedback Based Testing is for.

I cannot count how many times I’ve been asked,
“Frankie, how can I get this to test better?”
“How can I get this to test well more often?”

But Biofeedback Based Testing is not designed
so that someone can acquire a specific function.

It’s not going to magically make you a:
-Olympic Lifter
-Fitness Celebrity
-Cage Fighter
-Special Operator

If you have it within you to be any of these things,
BioFeedback Based Testing
will you get there safer (and often faster)
than any other approach.

BioFeedback Based Testing is not designed
so that someone can acquire a specific form.

BioFeedback Based Testing is not going to magically make you
-lose every ounce of fat you have
-pack your frame with rippling muscles
and while we’re at it
-it won’t grant you eternal life, either.
Entropy is eventually going to win.

Too many who have learned of BioFeedback Based Testing
have attempted to fashion themselves into what they are not…
never having left the current
of the current fitness industry.

You, too, could spend your time using Biofeedback Based Testing
to see if you can become more like others
by testing to see if you can do what they do.

But is that work the best use of your time?
Do you need be more like others?

Just imagine if:
-Steve Jobs benched daily to fill out his black turtle necks
-Sister Theresa allocated more of her time to a bikini friendly body
-Meryl Streep kept her hair dyed and face immobile from fillers and botox
-The Dalai Lama stayed up on current movies, music and fashion
-Louis CK had hair plugs and six pack abs

Wouldn’t our world be a lot worse
because they were trying to be
someone else’s idea of better?

Immaterial of what is said…
your nature, your family, your community, your country, your species, your world
doesn’t need you to be something or someone else.

There is a place in our society for:
-Professional Athlete
-Strength Athlete
-Celebrity (Fitness, or otherwise)

Nature has produced far more roles in human society
than these “halo-ed” few
and human society needs all its roles filled.

Which means,
we need you to be yourself
we need you to do your own thing
even though you are not just one thing.

You may be a:
-business person

Do you really need to workout like a cage fighter?
Do you really need to look like a fitness model?
Does that extra plate on the bar make your life that much better?

I don’t know the answers to those questions,
but here is what I do know:

Every second you spend doing things that aren’t good for you to do
that aren’t the best use of your time,
you’re becoming a worse at things
that are good for you which may include being a
-business person
and whatever else you are.

Your body needs to be able to move (not exercise) in all the ways a
-business person
-and whatever else you are

It also need to be able to move (not exercise) in all the ways that a
-business person
-and whatever else you are
doesn’t move.

When your body can do what it needs to do
(because it can move in the ways it needs to),
Don’t you think you will look good enough?
Don’t you think you will feel good enough?

What if you spent your time investing
in being better in the roles that are yours to fill
instead of attempting to fill a role that isn’t yours to fill?

And so I ask you:
Are you trying to be someone else’s idea of better?
Is that why you want more muscle and less fat?
Is that why you want to be able to do that feat of strength?

Would you still be interested in those things
if no one else were watching or would ever know?

More importantly,
Are you doing what is yours to do?
That can be a difficult determination.
But these questions helps me when I am faced with that question:
-Will I be good at this?
-Will I remain passionate about this?
-How does this feel?
-Does this make me better?
-Does this make others around me better?

Are you going to try to or test towards being something or someone you’re not?
If so, BioFeedback Based Testing, even BioFeedback Based Living,
is the slowest way to become something you’re not
but it is the fastest way to become more of what you are.

So, is BioFeedback for you?
Let me leave you with betters question that have the same answer:
-Are you OK with becoming what your body “wants” you to be?
-Can you love your fate?

Amor Fati!

2 thoughts on “Amor Fati

  1. Yes.
    Well bloody said, Frankie.
    The worst times during my biofeedback usage correlate to when I have forcibly steered myself down a path because I thought it would impress others or otherwise change the way people would see/treat me.
    The best times have been when I have used biofeedback to enhance my instincts and intuition and to expand my range of activities to uncover new joys, new talents and better ways of doing the things I already love.
    Better isn’t always what we pictured; sometimes that makes it hard to realise when you’re headed there and when you aren’t.

    • Piers,

      Thanks for the comment.
      Keep doing what is best for you.
      It makes it easier for others to do what is best for them.


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