About Us

While THE MOVEMENT has no hierarchy, here are the Bios on a few of our more visible citizens.

Adam T Glass
Adam is the most prominent of messengers of The Movement. As a former combat veteran, instead of leading soldiers, Adam now teaches individuals to lead themselves. Adam is a World Record Holding Grip Competitor, Professional Strongman, and competitive BJJ player. For more information on Adam, check him out on his website: www.adamtglass.com.

Craig Keaton
Craig is a co-Founder of The Movement and author of THE MOVEMENT’s BioChemistry. When he’s not raising and educating his two children with his wife, he coaches clients in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. For more with Craig, go to: http://beingcraig.wordpress.com

Frankie Faires
Frankie is a co-Founder of The Movement and author of THE MOVEMENT’S BioMechanics 1, 2, 3, & BioPsychology courses. When he is not spending time with his family, he educates people online in Health / Fitness and Martial Arts. For additional info go to: www.movementmartialarts.com

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